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The RAM sticks are immediately and independently accessible with no further tools. Simple clips hold them in place.

The standard blade-style SSD slides right out after removing a single Phillips screw.

The battery is replaceable after disconnecting its connector (there's even a diagram printed on the battery to explain how) and removing five labeled Torx screws. Immediate access and no adhesive make for a very simple replacement procedure.

The use of Torx screws over the Phillips #0 screws used in the rest of the device is unfortunate. It adds another tool you have to buy and secures the most commonly replaced item in the laptop under an extra layer of obfuscation.

The wireless card is accessible after disconnecting the two coax interconnect cables. The cables are labeled, making for painless reassembly.

Additionally, component locations are labeled on the motherboard and ribbon cables for additional ease of reassembly.

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