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Next we pop the main camera array off the board—it comes encased in a yellow plastic frame, likely ABS or nylon in its natural, un-dyed color. (It looks a little 80's, but we don't mind.)

We plop both camera arrays down next to their respective selfie cams (by themselves at far left and far right).

The S10's array (left) gets one more camera than the S10e—a 12 MP, ƒ/2.4 telephoto with OIS—and sticks it on the same connector as the standard wide-angle camera.

Further physical teardown would get pretty destructive, but here's an X-ray showing the telephoto camera's sensor and OIS electromagnets.

The 12 MP wide-angle cameras also get OIS, as well as the trick dual-aperture setup from the S9+.

Finally, the 16 MP, ƒ/2.2 ultra wide modules have slightly thicker plastic frames.

This year's codename is "Beyond"—updated from last year's infinity "Star".

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