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Here's some notes about the triple square tool and bolts.

I've tried a number of triple square drivers over the years, mostly with poor results. Good ones are expensive!

Here's a rather inexpensive triple square driver set (around $30): VIMXZN100 from Amazon

I had a set from SK Tools that was very poor - the drivers were very loose when you put them in the bolt head you were trying to remove. They'd slip and strip the head of the bolt. Not recommended!

Please note that these triple square bolts are extremely tight and difficult to remove. It's not that their just tight, they have lock-tight or something on them that make them hard to remove all together. They don't just "break loose".

The official VW repair manual states these bolts are to be replaced and not re-used. VW part number for these: N 910 260 03. Available from World Impex.

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