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-[* black] Pull up on the suction cup with firm, constant pressure to create a slight gap between the front panel and rear case.
-[* black] Insert the flat end of a spudger into the gap.
-[* black] The watertight adhesive holding the display in place is very strong; creating this initial gap takes a significant amount of force. If you're having a hard time opening a gap, rock the screen up and down to weaken the adhesive until you can fit a spudger inside.
-[* black] While pulling up on the suction cup, twist the spudger to widen the opening between the screen and rear case.
+[* black] Do not pull the screen up more than around 10 degrees as you might rip or damage the screen cables.
+[* black] the screen is tucked in at the top and needs to be pushed down towards the charging port and then it opens like a book to the right.

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