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[* black] Remove the display and battery, using the [[Topic:iPhone|repair guide|new_window=true]] appropriate to your model of phone.
[* icon_note] Liquid damage may complicate disassembly. Beware of cables and connectors that may be "adhered" to other components in unexpected ways.
[* icon_caution] Be extremely careful if the battery appears damaged or swollen. If the battery looks damaged, gently remove it and place it in a fireproof container for transportation to a battery recycling facility.
[* icon_reminder] Even if your battery looks fine, you should not reuse a lithium battery that has come into contact with water.
[* icon_note] For undamaged batteries, you can find a local recycling facility [|here|new_window=true]. For damaged batteries, call your local e-waste facility and ask about proper disposal procedure.