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-[* black] A few more torx screws hold the lonely fan in place.
-[* black] While we were hoping to find [|new fans with asymmetrical blades], the Air seems to have plain old, single frequency, symmetrical fans blades.
+[* black] A few more Torx screws hold the lonely fan in place.
+[* black] We were hoping to find a new asymmetrical fan, and we were not disappointed!
+[* icon_note] The wider gaps in the fan blades are around 3.6 mm, while the narrower ones are approximately 2.8 mm.
+[* black] If you're not familiar with all the hype, the "asymmetrical" design of the fan blades is supposed to disperse sound across a wide range of frequencies, rather than just one, making fan noise "hardly perceivable."