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[* black] We would tell you that this Broadcom BCM 943224 module looks just like the Mid 2011 MacBook Air's [guide|6130|wireless board|stepid=26668], but you would accuse us of being repetitive.
[* black] Instead, let's focus on what's different. Apple rotated the "Assembled in China" sticker 90˚ and flipped the internal code sticker a whopping 180˚!
[* black] In case you thought we were joking, taking the EMI shield off reveals the same chips as last year:
[* red] Broadcom [link||BCM4322] Intensi-fi® Single-Chip 802.11n Wi-Fi Transceiver
[* orange] Broadcom [link||BCM20702] Single-Chip Bluetooth 4.0 Processor with [link||Bluetooth Low Energy] (BLE) support
+ [* yellow] Murata antenna switch module

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