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[* icon_reminder] If you're installing a new rear glass panel, you'll also need to transfer the fingerprint sensor to your new rear glass panel as follows:
[* black] Reheat an iOpener and apply it to the fingerprint sensor, in order to soften the adhesive securing it to the rear glass.
[* black] Push gently but firmly against the fingerprint sensor from the outward-facing side of the glass panel, until the adhesive securing it separates.
[* icon_note] If you have trouble pushing the fingerprint sensor out, apply more heat, and/or carefully slide a pick along the edge of the sensor to cut some of the adhesive.
[* black] If the fingerprint sensor adhesive is intact, it may be reused, but if damaged at all you should remove the old adhesive and apply replacements.
[* icon_reminder] For best results, remove all old adhesive from the sensor, clean it carefully with isopropyl alcohol, and install new adhesive.
[* icon_reminder] You may also need to transfer the camera bezel to your new part, if that's the case, follow our [guide|123030|camera bezel replacement guide].