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[* black] On a hunt for the mysterious home not-button, we dig into the display despite [guide|56686|previous|stepid=122936|new_window=true]... [guide|39158|difficulties|stepid=88422|new_window=true].
[* black] Luckily this fused display/digitizer peels up from its frame with a decent struggle, but no damage.
[* black] Hoping to find some hidden detail under the display cabling, we peel it up and find—zilch. No model info and no visible pressure sensor. Better luck next time.
[* black] IC Identification:
[* red] Samsung S6E3HA6 display driver (by research)
[* orange] STMicroelectronics [link||FingerTip] touchscreen controller
[* yellow] Winbond [link||W25Q80EWUXIE] 8 Mb serial NOR flash memory

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