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[* black] It's time to start the iPad opening song and dance: [product|IF145-198-6|Heat|new_window=true], Pry, Peek, Repeat.
[* black] Our efforts are rewarded with zero surprises. The LCD and digitizers link up with the logic board on the left edge just like yesteryear's model.
[* icon_note] Yes, we are running out of ways to say "that first model of iPad Air."
[* icon_reminder] We took a second to swap in the digitizer and LCD from an Air 1. The connectors fit! We'll let you know after we test if they actually work...
[* black] We needle a [product|IF145-304|Battery Isolation Pick|new_window=true] betwixt the battery contacts and logic board to prevent any... [|m|new_window=true][|i|new_window=true][|s|new_window=true][|h|new_window=true][|a|new_window=true][|p|new_window=true][|s|new_window=true].
[* black] With the electrons stopped in their ~~tracks~~ traces, we can safely continue our game of Spot the Differences!