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-[* black] Reheat the iOpener and apply it to the battery to help soften the adhesive holding it to the display assembly.
-[* black] Use an old credit card, opening pick, or other flat plastic pry tool to carefully pry out the battery from the adhesive holding it in place.
+[* black] Apply firm, constant prying pressure to the picks to release the battery from the frame.
+[* black] As the battery loosens from the frame, move the picks inward and continue to pry upwards.
+[* icon_note] The battery is secured to the frame with strong double-sided tape. To help release the battery, apply some high concentration (90% or higher) isopropyl alcohol under the battery to help loosen the adhesive.
[* icon_caution] Don't deform or puncture the battery, or it may leak dangerous chemicals or catch fire.

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