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[* black] Samsung Galaxy Nexus Repairability Score: ***6 out of 10*** (10 is easiest to repair).
[* green] Battery replacement is incredibly simple thanks to the removable rear panel.
[* green] Minimal adhesive makes removal of the motherboard and other components a snap.
[* green] Headphone jack and speaker assembly are not soldered to the motherboard, so replacement is easy.
[* yellow] The only soldered components are the volume switch and vibrator motor.
[* red] Removing the rear case to access the motherboard and other internals requires ''a lot'' of careful prying and guitar-picking.
- [* red] The display is fused to the glass. So ''don't crack the glass'' unless you're keen on replacing the AMOLED display as well.
+ [* red] The glass is fused to both the display and the display frame. So ''don't crack the glass'' unless you're good with a heat gun, or you're fond of replacing the glass, display, and frame together ($$$).