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-[* black] Gently move the home button interconnect cable out of the way of the home button cable.
- [* icon_caution] Don't try to detach the press connector completely—simply lift it up so that it is out of the way when removing the home/Touch ID sensor cable.
+[* black] Carefully pry up the underlying connector and move it out of the way of the home/Touch ID cable.
+ [* icon_caution] It's very easy to damage your iPhone during this step. Work slowly and take care where you pry with your tool. If you damage the Touch ID hardware, it can only be replaced by Apple.
+ [* black] If the connector doesn't pry up easily, use a hair dryer or iOpener to heat and soften the adhesive securing the connector, and then try again.
+ [* icon_caution] Don't try to detach the connector completely—simply flip it up slightly so that the underlying home/Touch ID sensor cable can be removed.

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