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[* black] Time to tackle that headband!
[* black] First up, we pop out the squishy headband cushions.No glue or screws here, so fret not, sweaty friends. The prospect of future cushion swaps look good.
-[* black] To the right of the adjustment knob we've got a nice weight to offset the scope's display and lens mass.
-[* black] And hiding under the white trim piece, we find another hefty weight.
+[* black] We have nice little counterweights on either side of of the adjustment knob to offset the scope's display and lens mass.
+ [* black] Because these weights are purely for balance, let's take them out and ''then'' compare across the big three, to see who ''could'' make the lightest headset. Removing their 95 g puts the PS VR at around 515 g. That puts it right between the Vive's 563 g and the Rift's 470 g.