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[* black] Externally, the Series 2 bears a strong filial resemblance to its older sibling—but once inside, we find a set of ZIF connectors in place of the [guide|40655|awkward press connectors|stepid=93632|new_window=true] of yesteryear.
[* icon_note] This refinement is great news for repair. Easily opened and secured connectors increase the likelihood of a successful fix.
[* black] And tucked away on the back of the display we find a whole host of control hardware:
[* red] Apple 343S00092
[* orange] 20211CP TD1628A
[* yellow] NXP 67V04 NFC Controller (also found in the [guide|67384|iPhone 7 Plus|stepid=136488|new_window=true])

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