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Alterações no passo #18

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[* black] Remove the funnel and place the radiator cap back over the radiator filler hole. Press down on the cap and turn it clockwise until it is snug.
[* black] Insert and turn the radiator cap security screw clockwise until it is snug.
[* black] Start the bike and look for excessive vibration and listen for any irregular noises such as ticking or knocking that was not previously present.
[* icon_note] Ticking indicates that a spark plug is too loose or that its threads are damaged. Try tightening the plug a little more. If that does not fix the ticking, inspect the engine's and spark plug's threads for damage.
[* icon_note] Knocking and/or excessive vibration likely indicates that a cylinder is not firing. Identify the cylinder that is not firing and first double check that the spark plug cap is properly installed and not damaged. If the cap is ok, check the spark plug. Recheck the gap of the spark plug and adjust as necessary. If the engine still will knocks, you will want to double check that you have the correct heat spark plugs or that you did not get a defective spark plug.