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[* black] A bit of adhesive secures each lens, but it doesn't take much to pop them out.
[* black] We note a set of concentric rings in each lens—the [guide|60612|familiar|stepid=126752|new_window=true] indicator of Fresnel lenses.
[* icon_note] Unlike the [guide|60612|hybrid lenses|stepid=126966|new_window=true] we encountered in the Oculus Rift, the Vive's lenses ''appear'' to have a uniform contour. It seems that HTC opted to control focus through adjustment of the eye relief.
[* black] Etched right into the side of the lens, we find the smallest QR code we've ever seen. Despite our best efforts, we can't get it to scan.
[* icon_note] Maybe we just need a [|smaller phone|new_window=true].
[* black] Or do it by hand. Feed [|this image] through a tolerant QR reader. I think it's 3YVA-60320-36130.