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[* black] We have liftoff—of the motherboard, that is. Let's see what sort of silicon is lurking beneath those huge ~~heat~~ EMI shields. On the front side of the board:
[* red] STMicroelectronics [|32F072R8|new_window=true] ARM [|Cortex-M0|new_window=true] Microcontroller
[* orange] Toshiba [|TC358870XBG|new_window=true] 4K HDMI to MIPI Dual-DSI Converter (Also found in Oculus Rift CV1)
[* yellow] SMSC [|USB5537B|new_window=true] 7-Port USB Hub Controller
[* green] Alpha Imaging Technology [|AIT8328|new_window=true] SoC With Image Signal Processor
[* light_blue] Cmedia [|CM108B|CM108B|new_window=true] USB Audio CodecSoC
[* light_blue] Cmedia [|CM108B|CM108B|new_window=true] USB Audio CodecSoC
[* blue] Micron [|M25P40|new_window=true] 4 Mb Serial Flash Memory
[* violet] Micron [|N25Q032A13ESE40E|new_window=true] 32 Mb Serial Flash Memory