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[* red] After unplugging ~~ourselves from the Matrix~~ the four headset cables, we spy the headset's model number: 0PJT100.
[* black] For some reason, this guide does not speak at all as to how one removes the cover over the four cables as they enter the HMD. Given that this is relatively weak plastic and that one could break it if they pry at it wrong. This is a very dumb.
[* black] We also spot a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, DC barrel jack, and a single HDMI port flanked by two USB 3.0 ports.
[* icon_note] Interestingly, HTC left the rightmost USB port open for third-party accessories.
[* black] Bottoms up! We flip the Vive and go eye-to-eye with the front-facing camera. This unblinking cyclops also provides AR for the Vive. What's it running on? Let's get inside and find out.