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+[title] Removing the Old Oil Filter
[* black] Turn the oil filter counterclockwise (when looking up at it) to remove it.
[* icon_note] If your filter is on too tight to loosen by hand, you may need to use an oil filter wrench or belt wrench to remove it.
[* icon_note] Oil will begin to run down the sides of the oil filter. It is up to your discretion to either let it drain slowly this way or take the filter off quickly. Keep in mind that no matter what, the filter itself will still have oil in it that must be drained.
[* black] Set the old filter in your oil drain pan with the gasket facing down to allow the oil to drain out of it.
+ [* icon_caution] Once the oil filter is removed carefully inspect the old filter and the filter seating surface on the engine for the gasket from the old filter. Sometimes this will remain in place and is a guaranteed major leak if not removed prior to installing the new filter.
[* black] Let the rest of the oil from the engine drain and collect in the oil drain pan.