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-[* black] After just two screws, and some pryable clips, we pop open the phone. Too easy!
-[* black] It's almost like LG made this phone just for us... But let's see if the insides are as snappy as the exterior bits before we agree to go to [|prom|new_window=true] with you.
+[* black] After just two screws and some pry-able clips, we pop open the display with ease. No fuss, no adhesive.
+ [* black] It's a decidedly iPhone-esque display opening, in the best possible way—or at least, it's much like how iPhone display removal ''used'' to go, before all that [guide|48170|adhesive|stepid=107852] crashed the party.
[* icon_note] Really though, regardless of the insides, LG has finally figured out the modular unibody. The display is seamlessly mounted in the rear case, making for a luxury feel—while still maintaining battery access. We hope this trend catches on.