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[* icon_note] If your replacement headphone jack includes the white plastic hold switch, simply reinstall the headphone jack. If your replacement part does not include the plastic hold switch, follow the next steps to transfer the plastic hold switch to your new headphone jack.
[* black] If youre new headphone jack doesn't have the white plastic security plate, release is carefully. When rearranging put it on the same spot on your new advice. The two holes help you to get it on properly.
[* icon_note] If you're just trying to remove the rear panel, you can skip Steps 15 and 16.
[* red] Remove the single Phillips screw nearest to the hold switch. ''Note: You may find adhesive holding the back of the screw in place.''
[* black] Lift the plastic portion of the Hold switch away from the orange ribbon cable.
[* icon_reminder] Ensure that the black notch lines up with the gray slider during reassembly of the switch (see picture 2).