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[* black] The chip on the bottom center that looks blank in our image actually has this text: MARVELL, W8686B13, 702AUUP. This is [link||Marvell's 802.11b/g] 18.4mm2 chip.
[* black] The chip in the upper right is a Skyworks GSM/Edge Power amplifier (SKY77340).
[* black] The silver chip to the left of the Skyworks chip reads CSR 41814 3A06U K715FB. This is a [link||CSR BlueCore4-ROM WLCSP] single chip radio and baseband IC for Bluetooth 2+EDR.
[* black] The chip covered by the white sticker in the photo has the part numbers 338S0289 and 8G60710 on it. [link||EETimes] claims this is an Infineon M1817A11.
[* black] The chip with the blue dot on it is rumored to be an Intel Wireless Flash stacked 32 Mb NOR + 16 Mb SRAM chip. Part numbers 1030W0YTQ2, 5716A673, and Z717074A. EE Times adds the part #PF38F1030W0YTQ2.
[* black] The chip in the lower right reads 338S 0297 G0719. Some claim this is an Apple-branded chip, but it's purpose is currently unknown.
[* black] The chip in the lower left is an [link||Infineon PMB8876 S-Gold 2] multimedia engine. Part numbers: 337S3235, 60708, and EL629058S03.
[* black] If you have any additional information about any iPhone chips or internals, please e-mail us and we'll post the information anonymously.

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