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[* black] Don't tell the other kids, but Asus brought chips. Silicon chips, that is:
[* red] Intel Celeron [|N3060|new_window=true] 14 nm Braswell processor, with Intel HD Graphics 400
- [* orange] Samsung SEC 546 K4E8E32 RAM
+ [* orange] Samsung SEC 546 K4E8E32—likely [|LP-DDR3|new_window=true] (four 8-Gb chips for a total of 4 GB RAM)
[* yellow] Winbond [|W25Q64FWSIG|new_window=true] and [|W25X40CLNIG|new_window=true] serial flash memory
[* green] SMSC/Microchip [|MEC1322-LZY|new_window=true] ARM Cortex M4-based keyboard and embedded controller
[* light_blue] Realtek ALC5650 (likely audio codec)
[* blue] RT5067A GQW 2H60X
[* violet] And on the reverse side: SanDisk [|SDIN9DW4|new_window=true] 16 GB eMMC NAND flash, and Infineon SLB9655TT1.2 Trusted Platform Module