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-[* black] Battery!
+[* black] Minor inconveniences suffered, we're able to remove the battery. Still nothing but Phillips #1 screws to slow us down. Nothing proprietary, and no adhesives.
+[* black] This is a 38 Wh lithium ion battery, on-par with the [guide|38268|11" MacBook Air|stepid=86839|new_window=true]'s 38.75 Wh battery.
+ [* icon_note] Advertised battery life is also on-par, at 10 hours. We can't help but expect the C202 to do a little better, with its significantly less power-hungry components.
+[* black] Either way, aspiring [|blasters|new_window=true] of math and [|Oregon|new_window=true] pioneers should have plenty of time to hone their craft.