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[* black] Main IC's located on the front side of the motherboard:
[* red] [link||Teridian 71M6531F] SoC with an MPU core, RTC, FLASH and LCD driver.
[* orange] [link||Texas Instruments LM2904] low power dual operational amplifier.
[* yellow] [link||RMFD RF2172] medium-power high efficiency amplifier IC.
[* green] [link||Texas Instruments CC1110F32] Sub-1GHz System-on-Chip with MCU and 32kB Flash memory.
[* blue] Two pressure contacts near the top of the board channel 240V AC electricity into the large blue transformer box that steps it down to about 10V AC. From there, the power is rectified and powers the DC components on the board.
[* icon_note] The true innovation in the smart meter is its ability to relay power consumption statistics without direct contact from a meter reader. It accomplishes this by sending encrypted signals across on the 900 MHz radio spectrum. The antenna can be seen on the rear side of the board near its bottom edge.