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[* black] Apply heat to the edges of the touchscreen by continuously moving a heat gun in a rectangular path along the edges of the screen.
[* icon_caution] Do not let the heat gun remain on one spot too long. Excess heat can damage the phone.
[* black] As the adhesive loosens, pry up an edge of the screen with a plastic spudger. A suction cup may be useful here.
[* black] Use a guitar pick to hold that edge in place and continue this process around the entire screen, applying heat as necessary.
[* icon_caution] Avoid damaging the LCD screen connector while prying the screen edges. It is located on the left edge across from the volume controls.
[* icon_reminder] When reassembling the phone, the heat gun must be used to help the adhesive fuse to the new screen. Heat the screen edges, apply pressure to the screen, and lessen the heat until the screen is firmly in place.