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[* black] The back of the motherboard is brimming with even more control hardware:
[* red] Broadcom [|BCM4358|new_window=true] 5G WiFi 802.11ac Client
[* orange] Qualcomm [|PM8994|new_window=true] Power Management IC (as seen in the Nexus 5X and HTC One M9)
[* yellow] NXP [|PN548|new_window=true] NFC Controller
[* green] Qualcomm [|WCD9330|new_window=true] Audio Codec
[* light_blue] Qualcomm [|WTR3925|new_window=true] RF Transceiver
[* blue] RF Microdevices [|RF1891|new_window=true] Antenna Switch Module
- [* violet] Avago 77814-1
+ [* violet] Skyworks [|77814-11|new_window=true] power amplifier module for LTE