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[* black] Spudger ready, we turn our attention to the square Nexus Imprint sensor.
[* icon_reminder] Wait. Square? Wasn't this thing round when we first saw it?
[* black] It turns out this version of the Imprint sensor is quite different from the one we found in the [guide|51318|5X|stepid=112138|new_window=true]. The circular profile of ''this'' fingerprint reader is solely due to the [|round hole in the 6P's rear case|new_window=true].
[* icon_note] Perhaps Huawei is planning to use this very fingerprint reader in one of their other phones. Handy.
+ [* red] Fingerprints [link||FPC1020] fingerprint sensor
+ [* orange] Fingerprints FPC2050 fingerprint controller (likely)

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