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-[* black] Selfies and hearies
+[* black] Around the case we go to liberate a few components.
+[* black] We play a quick game of jacks, bounce a ball, and pop our the headphone jack.
+[* black] We notice a little rubber sleeve encasing the headphone jack. While we've been carefully watching for signs of ~~life~~ [|waterproofing|new_window=true], this small sleeve alone isn't enough of an indication that Google is preparing for rising tides.
+[* black] Moving along, we pull out the front-facing (i.e. selfie) camera. This 8MP, f2.4 camera is up 3MP from it's little brother, [guide|51318|the 5X|stepid=112142], but still maintains the same 1.4 micron pixel size.