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[* black] Next up, we pull out one of the smallest daughterboards we've ever seen. It's only a little more than a simple USB-C board.
[* icon_note] After that harrowing opening procedure, it's nice to see one repairability win in the 6P vs 5X comparison: a USB port mounted on a small and inexpensive daughterboard, rather than [guide|51318|soldered onto the motherboard|stepid=112142|new_window=true].
[* black] The front side of the daughterboard features some control hardware and spring contacts for the LTE antenna...
+ [* red] Texas Instruments [link||TUSB320] USB type-C port controller
+ [* orange] AKM Semiconductor [link||AK8789] hall sensor
+ [* yellow] Skyworks SKYxxxx antenna tuner (likely)
[* black] ...And on the back we spy one of the 6P's three noise canceling microphones and a couple more contacts, for the vibrating motor and speaker.

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