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[* black] With the initial adhesive adventures behind us, the 6P has finally come out of is shell.
[* black] Unlike other phones we've seen lately, that incorporate a [guide|48171|discrete display assembly|stepid=107891|new_window=true] or an [guide|51318|easily removed rear cover|stepid=112135|new_window=true], the internals 6P come out of the rear case in one mega-sized component assembly, leaving only the NFC antenna behind.
[* black] This isn't a good sign for the 6P's repairability. In fact, it reminds us of our harrowing experience with the [guide|13494|HTC One|stepid=45591|new_window=true].
-[* black] Battery interconnect cable is all that holds it down (well once you finally get it open anyway)
+[* black] On the bright side, it looks like the battery interconnect cable is all that holds the battery in the assembly (well once you finally get the chassis open anyway).