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-[* black] We've removed all the bendable plastic covers on the back of the phone, but no dice—the glass camera cover is going to have to come out before we get any further.
-[* black] After several long heating sessions and failed attempts to pry under the glass, we finally break the seal with the tip of a curved X-Acto blade.
+[* black] With the discovery of screws under the soft, bendy, easily-removed plastic panel at the lower end of the device, we're pretty confident we'll find some more hiding inside the camera mesa at the top.
+[* black] Unfortunately, the camera mesa is topped with stylish, high-tolerance, easily shattered glass. This isn't gonna be any fun at all.
[* icon_reminder] When we tore down the 5X, we were pleasantly surprised by the easy opening procedure and minimal adhesive. We hoped this trend would extend to the flagship model—but so far it seems that in the Nexus family, blood doesn't run as thick as glue.
-[* icon_note] With all the panels removed, we finally locate the remaining screws securing the front panel assembly to the rear case.
-[* black] Separating the front panel assembly was a cinch with the aid of our trusty [product|IF145-243|iSclack].
+[* icon_note] With such a tight fit on the glass panel, our plastic tools are useless—we resort to a curved razor blade, safety glasses, and prayers.
+[* black] Several frustrating minutes later, we deploy the [product|IF145-243|iSclack], and pop the phone out of its rear enclosure.