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-[* black] Time to bust into this unibody badboy!
- [* black] Like the Nexus 6, there are no visible screws on the rear cover—but they could be hiding beneath that dainty bottom panel.
- [* black] We're guessing the panel itself is secured with adhesive, so we apply some heat and an opening pick to pry the little guy loose.
- [* black] Thankfully, the adhesive is mild, and with a careful slide of the opening pick we easily remove the panel.
- [* black] Finally, screws! But golly, whatever will we do about the tamper-evident screw stickers? Say goodbye to our warranty—and the first screws are out.
+[* black] Like the Nexus 6, there are no visible screws on the rear cover. Unlike the Nexus 6, this is a unibody device, so there won't be any handy [guide|32877|peel-off rear cover|stepid=76973|new_window=true].
+[* black] The 6P's smooth enclosure is broken only by this small, suspicious plastic panel at the bottom. Let's pile a hot [product|IF145-198-6|iOpener] on it and see what's inside.
+[* black] With enough heat, the panel is easily pried and peeled off, exposing four screws.
+ [* icon_note] Including one covered with a tamper evident seal. If this is your first visit to iFixit, check out our [|Repair Manifesto|new_window=true] to see what we think about things like that.