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[* black] Compared with its fraternal twin, the Nexus 5X (top), the 6P shines through with its Wide Quad HD AMOLED display.
[* black] Just for fun, we also line up the 6P next to [guide|32877|ye olde Nexus 6|new_window=true]. With its nearly identical footprint, you get triple bonus points if you can tell which is which!
[* icon_note] The 6P is slimmer, at 7.3 mm, versus 10.06 mm on the Nexus 6. It also shaves off 6 grams, coming in at 178 g. (For comparison, the iPhone 6s Plus tips the scales at 192 g.)
[* icon_note] For those who were wondering, yes, it doubles as an external battery pack. So when your 5X runs low on juice, just grab your 6P and a ~~umbilical~~ USB-C cable and you'll be good to go!
- [* black] Double the power ''and'' double the reversibility—we're starting to like this USB-C thing.
[* black] No word yet on what happens if you umbilical two 6Ps that are both at 50% power. We assume they'll both charge to 100%. Perpetual power, ''solved''.