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-[* black] 5X to 6P
-[* black] Nexus 6P to Nexus 6
-[* black] 6P bein an external battery pack for the 5X (charging slowly) +10 points for use of the word Umbilical.
+[* black] Before we get started, we line up both the new Nexii for inspection:
+ [* black] Stacked up next to its fraternal twin, the 6P shines through with its Wide Quad HD AMOLED display.
+[* black] Side-by-side, the 5X and 6P have a surprisingly similar footprint.
+ [* icon_note] Despite this similarity, the 6" model packs considerably more ''phone'' into its aluminum unibody package, weighing in at 178 g versus the 5X's 136 g. For comparison purposes the iPhone 6s Plus tips the scales to a whopping 192 g.
+[* icon_note] For those of you who were wondering, yes, it does double as an external battery pack. So, the next time your 5X is running low on juice, just grab your 6P and a ~~umbilical~~ USB-C cord and you'll be good to go!
+ [* black] Double the power ''and'' double the reversibility—we're starting to get excited about this USB-C thing.