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[* black] Our Kinect is now fully disconnected.
[* black] Shameless plug: We now sell [link|/Game-Console-Parts|parts for game consoles]! Two very popular items are our Xbox 360 RROD fix kit and our PS3 YLOD fix kit.
[* black] Repairability score: 6/10
[* black] Pros:
[* black] The design is very modular, and replacing individual components (like the motor) when they fail shouldn't be a problem. No soldering required to disassemble.
[* black] Cons:
[* black] Microsoft used four kinds of screws, including some hated security bits: T6, T10, T10 security, and Phillips #0.
[* black] Without a service manual, repair will be quite a challenge. Microsoft has not made a service manual available. If we get enough demand, we'll do their work for them and publish one.