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-[* black] Battery! Comparisons, please :)
+[* icon_caution] All hands on deck! Spudgers at the ready! Disconnect battery!
+[* icon_note] That was easy. Removal was easy too, thanks to screws and no adhesive to get in the way of battery freedom. Let's see what this pack is packing:
+ [* black] While the 7.6 V, 5100 mAh (38.75 Whr) battery [guide|15078|matches last year's model|stepid=49167|new_window=true] spec for spec, Apple alleges an extra hour of life while watching iTunes movies (up to 10).
+ [* icon_note] This is most likely attributable to improvements in the new Broadwell CPU.
+[* black] Microsoft promises a similar "9 hours of web browsing" from its MacBook Air killer, the [guide|26595|Surface Pro 3|stepid=66227|new_window=true]. The Surface has a slightly larger 7.6 V, 5380 mAh (42.4 Whr) battery.