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[* black] De-route the digitizer and LCD cables through the steel inner frame.
[* icon_caution] Before re-fastening the front panel to the steel inner frame, be sure both the LCD and digitizer cables are not folded or pinched between the inner frame and the front panel assembly. This will result in possibly damaging the cables and not having enough slack when reconnecting them to the logic board.
[* icon_note] When the front panel has been correctly installed both the LCD and digitizer cables should be immediately next to one another and should be the same length and should be just hanging over the steel frame.
[* icon_note] When replacing the front panel assembly you must remember that you might have to reuse the earpiece grille and the clear plastic ring around the front facing camera from the old/damaged assembly. This will depend on where you buy the replacement part.
[* black] During the rebuild, and Depending on the replacement part you use, be sure to check that the home button functions without sticking. Otherwise you'll need to disassemble back to this step to correct it.
[* icon_reminder] After reassembly, protect your new display from any scratches by installing a new [product|IF182-025|screen protector].