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[* black] Use an iPod opening tool to slightly lift the top edge of the connector cover away from the logic board.
[* black] Use the tip of a spudger to pull the connector cover retaining clips away from the inner frame.
[* black] Remove the connector cover from the iPhone.
[* icon_caution] Before reassembly, be sure to clean all metal-to-metal contact points on the connector cover with a de-greaser such as Windex. The oils on your fingers have the potential to cause wireless interference issues. ***Do not*** clean the connectors themselves with Windex.
+[* black] Note small connector under the EMI shield that connects the center screw to the gold dot on the logic board. It is the WIFI/Bluetooth Antenna connector. It is easier during reassembly to partially screw the screw in first, put the connector in place with tweezers and then slide the EMI shield under the screw head, then finish seating the EMI shield.