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[* black] Remove the following five screws securing the Wi-Fi antenna to to the logic board:
+ [* yellow] One 1.4 mm Phillips
+ [* orange] Two 1.6 mm Phillips
[* red] One 2.3 mm Phillips
- [* orange] Two 1.6 mm Phillips
- [* yellow] One 1.4 mm Phillips
[* green] One 4.8 mm Phillips
[* icon_caution] When re-assembling, start off with replacing the 4.8 mm Philips screw first, then the 2.3 mm. ''This is to ensure there is no mix-up, and avoid rendering the LCD and digitizer useless.''
[* icon_caution] Also make sure to put the long 4.8 mm Philips back in correctly when reassembling. This is the ground for the Wi-Fi antenna and is often the culprit if you are having bad Wi-Fi reception after reassembly.