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[title] Replacing the hard drive.
[* red] Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the four metal spacers (pegs) from the old HDD and install them in the same places on your new HDD.
[* icon_note] If the new HDD is thinner than the old one, you may need to unscrew the spacers a few turns to prevent the drive from rattling around.
[* icon_note] To save power and reduce waste heat, use a "green" (power-saving) hard drive or a low-speed (5400 RPM) drive.
[* icon_reminder] Be sure to format your new HDD using the Airport Utility when you are done and the Time Capsule is reassembled. You might have to hard reset the Time Capsule after installation.
[* icon_caution] It is possible to test run the unit before it is fully reassembled. If you do so, reconnect the fan and replace the metal shield / fan assembly (without installing the screws) before turning it on to prevent electrical shock and overheating.