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[* black] The motherboard of the IIsi.
[* red] CPU is a Motorola 68030 at 20mhz. The CPU can easily be clocked at 25 or 30Mhz by replacing the tin can oscillator to the right of the CPU with ones of a higher value. The system can have a FPU via the PDS to Nubus Adapter.
[* orange] System Chipset, designed by apple and made by VLSI. Condensed version of the IIci system logic.
[* blue] Serial Controllers for the LocalTalk ports.
[* violet] Apple Sound Chip (ASC), custom design by apple. It uses the same sound controller as the LC and Classic. These are the first computers with built in sound input!
[* yellow] AMD 53C80 SCSI Controller
[* black] SIWM (Super Integrated Wozniak Machine) controls floppy and power functions.
[* green] 1MB of 100ns100 ns soldered on RAM
[* green] 1MB of 100ns100 ns soldered on RAM