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[title] Power Cable Connectors
[* black] Power cable connectors like this one have a small tab on the side that locks them in place.
[* black] To separate the connector from its socket, squeeze the tab against the connector, and pull the connector straight up from the socket.
[* black] JST connectors are similar but don't have the locking tab. There are a few other similar types, with or without the tab, and having 2 or 3, sometimes up to half a dozen or more wires. These may be found connecting a microphone or speaker in a camera, or interconnecting the circuit boards in a radio.
[* icon_caution] Some variants are very small. If you try to disconnect them by pulling on the wires they may break. Ideally, pull on the body of the plug with a pair of tweezers, rocking it from side to side to ease it if necessary.