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-[* icon_note] There are two cables connecting the rear display bezel to the rest of the computer, so use caution when removing the rear bezel.
-[* black] After freeing all the tabs, the rear display bezel should rotate away from the display assembly easily. If the rear bezel doesn't immediately come free, make sure that all the tabs holding the two halves together have been freed.
+[* black] Insert a spudger just to the left of the hinge opening on the top edge of the display between the front display bezel and the plastic strip attached to the rear bezel.
+[* black] Pry the rear bezel away from the front bezel along the top right half of the display.
+[* icon_note] To release the clips in the far left and right corners of the display, it may be necessary to run a spudger parallel to the face of the display along the top edge of the front display bezel and force it into the corners to pop the rear bezel off.