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-[* black] Use a spudger to begin separating the two halves of the display assembly. Slide the spudger between the gray plastic strip and the metal front display bezel. Work up and down along the edge to free the three tabs along the left edge.
+[* black] Insert an iPod opening tool between the left edge of the front display bezel and the plastic strip attached to the rear bezel, with the edge of the tool angled toward the LCD.
+[* black] Rotate the tool away from the LCD to pop the rear bezel off the tabs on the front display bezel.
+[* black] Work along the left edge of the display until the rear bezel is evenly separated from the front bezel.
[* icon_note] Freeing these tabs may require some force. Be sure to support the display assembly with your other hand to avoid putting too much strain on the hinges.