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[title] Science with iFixit!
[* black] Google didn't want us turning on our unit, so we had to figure out our own way to [|power up|new_window=true] the IR projector.
[* black] A little gentle power applied, a [|home-hacked IR camera|new_window=true], and presto! Shiny dots on the photo room wall!
[* black] The bright grid of dots shows that Tango works similarly to the original [guide|4066|Microsoft Kinect|stepid=19081], with a grid of dots to be captured by the IR sensors of the 4 MP camera, building a depth map.
[* icon_note] How do you build the depth map? It certainly looks to us like nearer dots are smaller, and farther dots are more expanded. Measure the size of the dot, and you've got its distance from the projector.