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-[* black] A small piece of black rubber conceals a few screws holding the display hinge. We quickly free the screws, which, in turn, frees the display.
-[* black] A quick time-warp to last year reminds us of the [guide|9493|internals of this display] we decide to leave this one intact. Needless to say, this display will need to be replaced as a unit, should disaster strike.
+[* black] The usual black rubber conceals the display hinge screws and some new adhesive.
+ [* icon_note] Hey Apple, do you think next time you could mark up the screws removed during [guide|15464|display replacement|stepid=45671]? You were ''so'' close this time.
+[* black] We let this display off with a warning, but if you're dying to see inside, how about [guide|9493|a blast from the past|new_window=true]?
+[* black] This display, as with its predecessors, must be replaced as an assembly, there's no parting out this bad boy.