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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* icon_note] Once we freed the [guide|11225|ex-trackpad window|stepid=40232] of the battery, we encountered a tough metal plate.
+ [* black] But don't worry, [|steel is weak to fire|new_window=true], we attack with iOpener; it's super effective!
+[* black] Under that hefty metal armor, we find much the same trackpad as the 2012 edition.
+[* black] Chips include:
+ [* red] [|MX25L2006E|new_window=true] Serial Flash, by Macronix this time
+ [* orange] Broadcom [|BCM5976] touchscreen controller (as found in the previous generation and the [guide|10525|iPhone 5|stepid=38298].)

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