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-[* black] Our handy-dandy [product|IF145-239|Pro Tech Screwdriver Set] makes removing the screws on the updated cabling seem like magic.
-[* black] ''Wingardium leviosa!'' Another flick of our screwdriver and the speakers practically float out.
+[* black] ''Wingardium leviosa!'' the I/O board cable practically floats out of its sockets.
+[* black] Our handy-dandy ~~ magic wand~~[product|IF145-239|Pro Tech Screwdriver] makes speaker screw removal seem like magic.
+[* black] Another swish and flick and the speakers are charmed out of the rear case.
[* black] We're happy to report that these speakers-who-must-not-be-named are fairly easy to remove, no dark magic required.